Here in Jodhpur
  As a city we didn’t enjoy Jodhpur as much Udaipur – we missed the packed winding streets that had seemed so daunting at first. We missed the endless markets and beautiful paintings on walls and doorways. I could (and we did!) spend hours wandering deeper and deeper into the […]

Here in Jodhpur

DSC_0620 (1)
The chaotic streets of Udaipur were quite a shock us but it ended up being one of our favourite cities.    More on our favourite parts of Udaipur here. But for now, enjoy that video ….   Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.

Udaipur Vlog

India's romantic city
  Arriving in Udaipur after a 22 hour journey felt like a huge sigh of relief. Sitting by the peaceful lake, enjoying a wonderful Thali it felt great to know that we would be staying put put for a few days. No rickety buses, just our feet to carry ourselves […]

Here in Udaipur

Here in Aurangabad vlog
We say Aurangabad but really we were only there to visit Ajanta and Ellora caves which are both UNESCO World Heritage sites. But despite it being a very busy trip we made lots of friends and had several hundred selfies!!   Anyway, enough talking – take a look and please […]

Aurangabad Vlog

Here in Auragabad
  We took the train from Mumbai to Aurangabad and were pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the carriage in “Second Seating” class. Enough leg room, fans, windows. It was great, despite the nightmare tales we’d heard and read. Snacks and water were also available non-stop by train roaming salesman. […]

Here in Aurangabad

Celebrating Holi in Mumbai
Holi Hai!   We had an amazing time celebrating Holi in Mumbai – from wandering the streets an playing with kids to dancing away on a boat party!   We have some very colourful photos and I will write a blog soon but for now here’s a short video….   […]

Holi Vlog!

Mumbai Travel Vlog!
We decided to document our trip to India by making some short videos as well as the usual blogs and photos.   This has meant me pointing the camera in Matt’s face quite a lot which I’m sure is not at all annoying…!   Anyway, here’s the first one – […]

Mumbai vlog

Why we loved Mumbai!
  Mumbai, surprisingly, was a bit of a chill out for us. I doubt many people go to Mumbai to relax but that’s kind of how it ended up, even though it was our first stop.    We treated ourselves by booking a hotel in advance that would usually be […]

Here in Mumbai

Celebrating Holi in Mumbai
  Celebrating Holi in India is something I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time but my excitement was mixed with nervousness.   I’d read a lot about celebrating Holi in India and many blogs warned that it wasn’t safe for women and that tourists should avoid celebrating Holi in […]

Holi in Mumbai