Adh Kumbh Mela
  You probably haven’t heard of Haridwar but anyone who has seen Karl Pilkington’s ‘An Idiot Abroad’ will remember his obsession with the ‘babas’ at a big Hindu festival. That was the Haridwar Kumbh Mela which is a mass Hindu pilgrimage to bathe in the sacred Ganges and is one […]

Here in Haridwar

Here in Delhi
  I’d expected Delhi to come at me like a slap face. I thought that my senses would be overwhelmed and I would be intimidated by the madness of the city. And I nervously anticipated learning to love the chaos and embrace the smells.   Possibly (probably) because we had been in […]

Here in Delhi

Here in Delhi
We loved exploring the sights smells and tastes of New and Old Delhi and took a day trip to Agra because we could hardly miss one of the seven wonders of the world!   Here’s a quick video of our adventures – it ends rather abruptly as I got ill […]

Delhi Vlog

Jaipur vlog
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Jaipur vlog

Here in Jaipur
  Jaipur got us at a bad time.   Neither of us were feeling great and we had some issues getting into our guesthouse when we arrived. Not a good start.   We also got Jaipur at a bad time. The city is currently building a metro system which meant […]

Here in Jaipur

Camel trip in Jaisalmer
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Jaisalmer vlog

On a camel in Jaisalmer
After the noise and bustle of Udaipur and Jodhpur, Jaisalmer provided some welcome calm. The main traffic on it’s wide, sandy streets was cattle and even the smaller alleys inside the fort were quiet.   As you approach the city, the fort rises up out of the desert like a […]

Here in Jaisalmer

DSC_0184 (2)
Jodhpur wasn’t our favourite city – it’s streets and shopping couldn’t compete with beautiful Udaipur but we loved many things there and it’s definitely worth a visit.   More on our favourite parts of Jodhpur here. But for now, enjoy this video ….     Subscribe to our YouTube channel […]

Jodhpur vlog

Deliciously creamy broccoli and wasabi soup 2
    I was reading a blog this morning which claimed that broccoli is boring. I was outraged. I love broccoli. I realised that I miss broccoli. Normally I would fry or steam it with some garlic but today I tried my hand at a soup.    I’m not normally […]

Broc-cauli and Wasabi Soup