Here in Jaipur
  Jaipur got us at a bad time.   Neither of us were feeling great and we had some issues getting into our guesthouse when we arrived. Not a good start.   We also got Jaipur at a bad time. The city is currently building a metro system which meant […]

Here in Jaipur

Camel trip in Jaisalmer
  Check out our blog post on Jaisalmer and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.

Jaisalmer vlog

On a camel in Jaisalmer
After the noise and bustle of Udaipur and Jodhpur, Jaisalmer provided some welcome calm. The main traffic on it’s wide, sandy streets was cattle and even the smaller alleys inside the fort were quiet.   As you approach the city, the fort rises up out of the desert like a […]

Here in Jaisalmer

DSC_0184 (2)
Jodhpur wasn’t our favourite city – it’s streets and shopping couldn’t compete with beautiful Udaipur but we loved many things there and it’s definitely worth a visit.   More on our favourite parts of Jodhpur here. But for now, enjoy this video ….     Subscribe to our YouTube channel […]

Jodhpur vlog

Deliciously creamy broccoli and wasabi soup 2
    I was reading a blog this morning which claimed that broccoli is boring. I was outraged. I love broccoli. I realised that I miss broccoli. Normally I would fry or steam it with some garlic but today I tried my hand at a soup.    I’m not normally […]

Broc-cauli and Wasabi Soup

Here in Jodhpur
  As a city we didn’t enjoy Jodhpur as much Udaipur – we missed the packed winding streets that had seemed so daunting at first. We missed the endless markets and beautiful paintings on walls and doorways. I could (and we did!) spend hours wandering deeper and deeper into the […]

Here in Jodhpur

DSC_0620 (1)
The chaotic streets of Udaipur were quite a shock us but it ended up being one of our favourite cities.    More on our favourite parts of Udaipur here. But for now, enjoy that video ….   Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.

Udaipur Vlog

India's romantic city
  Arriving in Udaipur after a 22 hour journey felt like a huge sigh of relief. Sitting by the peaceful lake, enjoying a wonderful Thali it felt great to know that we would be staying put put for a few days. No rickety buses, just our feet to carry ourselves […]

Here in Udaipur

Here in Aurangabad vlog
We say Aurangabad but really we were only there to visit Ajanta and Ellora caves which are both UNESCO World Heritage sites. But despite it being a very busy trip we made lots of friends and had several hundred selfies!!   Anyway, enough talking – take a look and please […]

Aurangabad Vlog