Climbing Mt. Kinabalu
It was slow. It was hard. It was COLD. Almost every step we took was up. But with encouragement from each other and our guide we made it to the top of Mt.Kinabalu. At 4.52am and -1°C it was pitch black, cloudy and windy. As happy as I was to get […]

Mt. Kinabalu vlog

My favourite Indian street food
Living in Thailand we have got very used to being able to pick up snacks and meals on the street. In place of highstreets there are street markets and that suits me just fine!  India was all that and more; on buses and trains, people would pile on at every stop and walk […]

Street food in India

Here in Varanasi
    We arrived in Varanasi after a week in the mountains and a 22 hour train journey. It was five weeks into our India trip.   We were tired. Tired of travelling on a tight budget, tired of sleeping in depressing rooms, and tired of eating curry for almost every meal. […]

Here in Varanasi

A trip to the top of Thailand
  Because Thailand has a wonderful amount of national holidays, we recently enjoyed a five day weekend. I’m not really sure you can still call it a weekend when you only work for two days of the week but whatever it was, it was much appreciated.   We wanted to […]

A trip to the top of Thailand

Trying to Thai dance...
Nearly a year ago now, our school’s Director retired. There was to be a big party to say goodbye and we, the foreign teachers, were asked to perform a dance. Normally we refuse these things to avoid embarrassing ourselves but we are big fans of this guy so we agreed.   […]

When we tried to Thai dance!

What we ate in Chiang Mai...
We love Thai food and eat it every day. When we came back from six weeks in India, all I wanted was a Yam Khai Dao with plenty of lime and chilli. But living somewhere where the variety of international cuisines is pretty limited, we find ourselves craving our westerns favourites […]

What we ate in Chiang Mai

Trekking in India
  Despite the circumstances surrounding it, the Poon Hill Trek was a highlight of our 8 week holiday last year and we were both keen to do something similar again. So when we were planning our trip to North India, we couldn’t resist another venture into the Himalayas.   We […]

Trekking in Uttarakhand

Adh Kumbh Mela
  You probably haven’t heard of Haridwar but anyone who has seen Karl Pilkington’s ‘An Idiot Abroad’ will remember his obsession with the ‘babas’ at a big Hindu festival. That was the Haridwar Kumbh Mela which is a mass Hindu pilgrimage to bathe in the sacred Ganges and is one […]

Here in Haridwar

Here in Delhi
  I’d expected Delhi to come at me like a slap face. I thought that my senses would be overwhelmed and I would be intimidated by the madness of the city. And I nervously anticipated learning to love the chaos and embrace the smells.   Possibly (probably) because we had been in […]

Here in Delhi