Lao's most picturesque city!
We stumbled into a parade and got swept away amongst the lights and drums and dancing.     We turned the aircon down and crawled under the soft duvet.   We ate late breakfast on a terrace overlooking a bank of the Mekong river.     We lazed by the […]

Back in Luang Prabang

After living in a shoe box for our first 20 months in Thailand, we were more than ready to move. There are several nice apartment complexes around town but we wanted more space. I wanted to be able to teach classes at home, we wanted to have a kitchen and […]

Here in Nakhon Sawan : House Tour!

Saigon to Hanoi on two Honda Blades!
We did it! 4000km+ on two Honda Blades over five weeks. All the ups and downs you’d expect with a couple of unexpected ones too…     Our Route Put simply, it was the classic Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. In reality there was some loop-dee-looping and back tracking […]

The Blade Diaries #7 | The Big One!

Here in Hanoi
Our six week of adventure through Vietnam ended in the bustling city of Hanoi. We navigated our way through the narrow streets of the Old Quarter, sampled the huge variety of food on to offer and took some time to relax and reflect on a rollercoaster of a trip!  

Here in Hanoi

Here in Sapa
Having said goodbye to our bikes in Hanoi, it was time to catch an overnight train to Sapa. After five weeks sitting on bike, we treated ourselves to a little bit of luxury and had booked a private VIP cabin. Feeling like we were on our way to Hogwarts, we […]

Here in Sapa

The Blade Diaries #6 : Cat Ba and Halong Bay
  Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and looking at the postcards, it is stunning. Some people we spoke to told us that we must go whilst others said that it had been ruined by so much tourism and litter and recommended we skip it.   We decided to […]

The Blade Diaries #6 : Cat Ba and Halong Bay

The Blade Diaries #5 : Phong Nha to Hanoi
  The days working up to our caving trek had been long, wet riding days and had left us weary. But after much sweating, swimming and staring at the gorgeous landscapes we left Phong Nha feeling re-energised. It helped that out butts had been given a good rest too!     […]

The Blade Diaries #5 – Phong Nha to Hanoi

The Blade Diaries #4 : Hoi An to Phong Nha 1
  The next leg of our journey did not start well.   We had 260km to cover from Hoi An to Khe Sahn and it rained for approximately 253 of them!   The downpour wasn’t heavy enough to stop us driving, but it was a constant mist of fine rain that […]

The Blade Diaries #4 : Hoi An – Phong Nha

The Blade Diaries #4 : Hoi An to Phong Nha
A remote drive along the Western Hoi Chi Minh road ending in the stunning Phong Nha. This was probably the most dramatic and beautiful landscape we encountered in Vietnam.  

Videos from Vietnam #4 : Hoi An to Phong Nha