French Toast Three Ways! 1
    I can vividly remember the first time I had french toast. We were in the disgusting kitchen of my miserable second year student house and we were following a YouTube tutorial on how to make ‘egg bread’.    It wasn’t the best or most glamorous eggy bread I’ve had […]

French Toast 4 ways

Best Food in Town!
Our favourite food in town is found in a busy, brightly light restaurant furnished with tin tables and a distinct lack of walls. If you’ve ever visited us, you’ve almost definitely eaten here at least one.   It doesn’t look fancy but it’s well known in Nakhon Sawan for it’s […]

Here in Nakhon Sawan: What we eat….

My favourite Indian street food
Living in Thailand we have got very used to being able to pick up snacks and meals on the street. In place of highstreets there are street markets and that suits me just fine!  India was all that and more; on buses and trains, people would pile on at every stop and walk […]

Street food in India

What we ate in Chiang Mai...
We love Thai food and eat it every day. When we came back from six weeks in India, all I wanted was a Yam Khai Dao with plenty of lime and chilli. But living somewhere where the variety of international cuisines is pretty limited, we find ourselves craving our westerns favourites […]

What we ate in Chiang Mai

Deliciously creamy broccoli and wasabi soup 2
    I was reading a blog this morning which claimed that broccoli is boring. I was outraged. I love broccoli. I realised that I miss broccoli. Normally I would fry or steam it with some garlic but today I tried my hand at a soup.    I’m not normally […]

Broc-cauli and Wasabi Soup

3-ingredient gluten free cookies! 4
  I call these ‘magic cookies’. Not because they are  the best cookies I’ve ever had (they’re not), but because of my amazement that you can make biscuits without any flour or butter!   They are gluten and dairy free but more importantly they can be made using three simple and […]

Peanut cookies

You won't believe how easy English muffins are! 1
To me, an English muffin means Eggs Benedict. (Or rather it used to mean Eggs Royale and these days it means Eggs Florentine).   Like the fiddly hollandaise, it is reserved for a weekend brunch at a fancy cafe. I don’t cook anything more complicated than a pancake before at least […]

English muffins

Orange and Polenta cake 2
Oranges are versatile. A glass of chilled orange juice is refreshing on a hot day and no jug of Pimms is complete without a few slices.  But oranges also conjure up the smell of mulled wine on the stove, the memories of clasping a Christingle in my hands (and secretly […]

Orange and Polenta Cake (gluten-free!)

Tibetan Bread 3
  Every morning during our stay in Pokhara, I woke up in our cosy guesthouse, pulled on my only jumper and pottered down to the reception-come-family home to order our breakfast.    Ten minutes later, a knock on our door announced the arrival of a friendly Nepali man, complete with our […]

Inspired by Nepal: Tibetan Bread

Simple but delicious recipe for Cardamon Shortbread 2
A very sophisticated biscuit    Because I have no oven and because homemade biscuits are five trillion times better than shop bought biccies, I made these in a saucepan.    This is not the most efficient way to make biscuits and there is really no reason to do it if […]

Cardamon Shortbread

Masala Chai 4
  As a general rule, I drink tea and coffee black and I never ever take sugar. In the course of falling in love with Nepal however, I drank gallons of this sweet milky goodness.   Back in sweaty Thailand, it’s now rainy season and as the temperature is dropping, […]

Inspired by Nepal: Masala Chai

Easy no-bake cheesecake recipe! 5
It was my turn to provide the pudding for Pudding Wednesday this week so I went ahead and made a cheesecake which is something I’d never done before.     A few weeks ago I was thinking about what I should make and for some reason “honey and lemon cheesecake” […]

I Made a Cheesecake