Celebrating Loi Krathong
  We wrote about our first Loy Krathong last year and time has really flown by.   Along with Christmas, school holidays, Wai Kru and Sports Week; Loy Krathong is a milestone in the Thai year. Traditionally it marks the official end of the rainy season but to us it also […]

Loy Krathong

A day in the life of an English Teacher in Thailand
The other day I was reading a blog post about someone teaching English in Thailand and it struck me how different it was to our own experience, This didn’t come as a surprise, there are countless foreigners teaching English all over this country and in all kinds of schools.   […]

A day in the life of an English teacher in ...

The best kids I know
So the holidays are over and we’re back in Nakhon Sawan armed with brand new pencil cases.   We spent a week in the office making lessons plans, worksheets, merit charts, headbands and countless cups of coffee. Before we knew it, Monday had rolled round and it was time to […]

Back to school