Eight weeks in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal
Recently I was going through some old photos and videos and I came across some footage of the eight week trip we took two years ago with Matt’s sister and her boyfriend.We joined them at the start of their year of traveling and had a blast exploring Thailand, Laos and Angkor […]

On the road: Eight weeks in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and ...

Angkor Wat 2
Starting on the sunny shores of Koh Phi Phi and ending up at the ancient ruins of Angkor; we spent 5 and a half weeks making our way through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with Matt’s sister Lauren and her boyfriend, Tom. When we leave each place we always ask each […]

Thailand to Cambodia in 6 weeks

Angkor 2
  What could we say that hasn’t been said before (and far more eloquently)? What photographs could we take that aren’t already being sold as postcards?       We spent three days walking, climbing and sweating around the ancient ruins of Angkor.       We peered through windows. […]

A visit to Angkor Wat