Mulu National Park is a World Heritage Area and it’s not hard to see why. Isolated in the dense rainforest of Sarawak, Borneo, it is home to huge cave systems, dramatic limestone structures and a whole host of wildlife. Here’s a video of what we got up to and what I […]

Vlog from the Rainforest!

Walking above the Borneo jungle!
  We touched down at Mulu airport less than 24 hours after completing our descent from the peak of Mt. Kinabalu. Our legs were creaking with every step as we shuffled off the tiny plane onto the equally tiny runway. It’s basically a bumpy stretch of tarmac in the middle of […]

Gurung Mulu National Park

Climbing Mt. Kinabalu
About six months ago, we were sat in a cute little cafe in Varanasi.Sick of curry and growing tired of the noise and chaos of India, we used a rare afternoon of decent wifi and coffee to think abut our next trip.   Borneo had been on our list for […]

Climbing Mt. Kinabalu

Climbing Mt. Kinabalu
It was slow. It was hard. It was COLD. Almost every step we took was up. But with encouragement from each other and our guide we made it to the top of Mt.Kinabalu. At 4.52am and -1°C it was pitch black, cloudy and windy. As happy as I was to get […]

Mt. Kinabalu vlog

Petronus Towers
We had bought our bus tickets from Penang to Kuala Lumpur the previous day, so full of optimism we turned up at the advertised time of 1130. We waited a bit and just after 12 we were ushered into a mini-bus which was to take us to the bus station. […]

Here in Kuala Lumpur

Great food in Penang! 1
  I want to stay in Penang and eat Indian curry with my hands forever. Scrap that, I’m moving to India!   After a morning of walking around Georgetown, we were hungry and in need of a good lunch. Pausing outside an Indian cafe, we were beckoned in and ordered […]

Penang: It’s all about the roti

A big highlight of Penang for us was the food but I’ve written about that here so I won’t repeat myself.   Our visit did not start very well. After a 12 hour trip which involved two mini-vans and a car (luxury!) we were dropped right in the heart of […]

Here in Penang