The Blade Diaries #3 : Hoi An and the Golden Loop
Hoi An     We fell in love with Hoi An.    We’d heard it was beautiful but all the lanterns, the narrow streets and old buildings, the bridges over the river, the music playing through the streets.. it was all too much!   It is very touristy but for […]

The Blade Diaries #3 : Hoi An and the Golden ...

The Blade Diaries : Dalat to Hoi An
  When we planned our drive up the south Vietnamese coast,we pictured mornings on sunny coastal roads and afternoons spent enjoying ice creams and cold beers on sandy beaches.   So as we were standing on the side of the road, 30km from the nearest town with a flat tyre […]

The Blade Diaries #2 : Dalat to Hoi An

Having fun in Ho Chi Minh City 2
We arrived in Saigon late and hungry and quickly found some grub and a local beer on the backpacker street of Bui Vien (please excuse the lack of accents!). It felt a bit like Ho Chi Minh City’s version of Khao San road complete with neon lights and loud music. The […]

The Blade Diaries #1: Saigon to Dalat

Eight weeks in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal
Recently I was going through some old photos and videos and I came across some footage of the eight week trip we took two years ago with Matt’s sister and her boyfriend.We joined them at the start of their year of traveling and had a blast exploring Thailand, Laos and Angkor […]

On the road: Eight weeks in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and ...

Chinese New Year in Nakhon Sawan
  Nakhon Sawan is not a spectacular town. There are no beaches nor mountains. No skyscrapers or wild nightlife. It’s a quiet town full of great food and friendly faces and that’s  what we love about it.   Once a year, however, the town transforms of Chinese New Year. Nakhon […]

Chinese New Year

French Toast Three Ways! 1
    I can vividly remember the first time I had french toast. We were in the disgusting kitchen of my miserable second year student house and we were following a YouTube tutorial on how to make ‘egg bread’.    It wasn’t the best or most glamorous eggy bread I’ve had […]

French Toast 4 ways

Best of 2016 2
If you’re on Instagram, you’ll probably be familiar with the #bestnine hashtag. An app finds your top photos from the past year based on number of likes and puts them into a collage. It’s a fun way to look back at the year. I’ve stolen this idea and made a […]

Our #bestnine of 2016

Best of 2016
  I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year Eve – too much pressure and expectation. You need to have a plan way in advance, you MUST  be doing something. Everthing is booked up and SO  expensive!   But this year we went away to the beach with friends […]

New Year on Koh Mak

Best Food in Town!
Our favourite food in town is found in a busy, brightly light restaurant furnished with tin tables and a distinct lack of walls. If you’ve ever visited us, you’ve almost definitely eaten here at least one.   It doesn’t look fancy but it’s well known in Nakhon Sawan for it’s […]

Here in Nakhon Sawan: What we eat….