Back in Luang Prabang

We stumbled into a parade and got swept away amongst the lights and drums and dancing.


Street festival in Luang Prabang


We turned the aircon down and crawled under the soft duvet.


We ate late breakfast on a terrace overlooking a bank of the Mekong river.


Lao's most picturesque city!


We lazed by the pool, slipping in and out of our books and the cool water. The sun blazed down on our unsuspecting shoulders.


Lao's most picturesque city!


We felt luxurious ordering room service for lunch and washing it down with a glass wine whilst watching the river flow by.


We napped.


Lao's most picturesque city!


We ventured into town along the bumpy tracks in search of good food and wine and too many cocktails.


We put on our sensible shoes and wandered through the picturesque streets stopping for coffee, ice cream, pastries or just a photo.


Lao's most picturesque city!


We watched the sun set over the river. With drinks.


Lao's most picturesque city!


We climbed waterfalls and jumped in. we splashed around in the crisp water whilst tiny fish nibbled at our toes!


Lao's most picturesque city!


We even saw bears.


We hugged our coffees as we hid from the monsoon.


Lao's most picturesque city!


The great thing about visiting somewhere for a second time is that there is a lot less pressure. The streets have a vague familiarity about them. You’ve probably done all the ‘must see’ attractions and without the pressure of seeing everything in a few days, you can explore at your own pace. There is time to just stop and look, to find your own hidden gems.

One last time; go to Luang Prabang!



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Lao's most picturesque city!

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